All of your hosts belong to


A little warning. I recently bought some domain names though because it was recommended to me by a friend, only to find out that they put Sedo parking on all your unused host names using a wild card DNS record you can't see - but fortunately you can override.

In other words, if you buy. then set-up store.this-is-my-domaincom

anyone that misspells store will go to their sedo parking page, and it will have your company name on the parking page (i.e. your domain) name, and they will get click though revenue.


or will all have Sedo parking pages.

Bit rude and bad if you ask me.

The workaround - which isn't a fix - there is no fix. Is to add a wild card CNAME record in the zone file, thusly:

*    ->

So I won't use them again, because I think it's underhand and low down dirty. There are a right bunch of sharks and low downs, and don't cares about now days, and not just in the registrar business. [The end of the world is nigh, etc.]