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Waiting for multiple objects

There are are times in code where you would like to wait for things to happen in a thread. One common case is where you have some work to do, so you put this work on a queue. Sooner or later you need to shut this work processing thread down …

Scroll modifier for Mouse Trapper Advance under linux

If you have a Mouse Trapper Advance then the following might be useful for you. It enables the middle button, which is normally the mouse to act as a scroll lock. You can then hold the button down and use the steering pad to scroll around. It's much easier to …

HTTP URL knocking

I recently needed to knock open a port on my server, but the usual port knocking based methods did not work as many of the outgoing knock ports were blocked. e.g. So using knockd wasn't practical in this instance.

The following script shows how you can use a web …

Really useful compiler diagnostics.

Digital Mars D version 2.

Anyone using C++ compilers might like the world of D error diagnostics:

csv.d(35): Warning: calling std.string.chomp!(immutable(char), char).chomp without side  effects discards return value of type string, prepend a cast(void) if intentional

It is almost as if the …

Pygame tiled map example

How do you create a tiled map 200 x 200 in Pygame?


Firstly, you might want to try generating a bitmap of visible tiles, and then put that on screen. Too slow? Could be. If you have an average screen of 1024 x 1024, then that is 1024 x …

All of your hosts belong to

A little warning. I recently bought some domain names though because it was recommended to me by a friend, only to find out that they put Sedo parking on all your unused host names using a wild card DNS record you can't see - but fortunately you can override …

Clone of the Intel Fake Raid 1

The cops aren't coming, neither is the clone army.

But how do you Clone a fake raid 1 array to another machine, and with what software?

What is fake raid anyway?

That depends, on what you buy and whom from, each vendor has their variations and then tend not be …

Adroit development.

Before I forget - a couple of things about android app development that caused me some trouble recently.

Those being, that the canvas in a view doesn't have a  identity matrix as default!

What now?, I hear everyone cry?

Before I explain let me say that I was developing against API …